A Campaign to Educate UC Berkeley About Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Under Title IX

Title IX is a federal education mandate requiring all students, regardless of their gender or sex, to have the right to a harassment-free and assault-free education.

Survivors from UC Berkeley visited the California state legislature in Sacramento this summer to request an audit of UC Berkeley’s Title IX office. This audit, which included UC Berkeley, one other UC, and two CSUs, passed unanimously with priority status. Following CalSERVE’s 6000 in Solidarity Campaign against sexual assault and in support of the Title IX complaint filed on behalf of Berkeley survivors, the Know Your IX campaign aims to continue the conversation around consent and give support to survivors by educating Berkeley about survivors’ rights under Title IX.

This CalSERVE campaign is part of a larger, national Know Your IX movement that “was built by a large collective of survivor-activists and allies seeking to share the expertise of their first-hand experience with violence, the law, and activism.[1]”  Movements at Berkeley like the 6000 in Solidarity movement last year and the Know Your IX campaign this year are part of a nationwide trend of student activism centered around fighting sexual assault and dismantling rape culture.

The Know Your IX campaign aims to educate UC Berkeley students about the following rights that they have under Title IX; not all of them are listed below.

  • The right to have their case handled in a formal disciplinary hearing (rather than through mediation or “early resolution”). If survivors choose to report their case, they have the right to receive updates on the progress and outcome of their case. However, survivors also have the right to not report their case.
  • The right to be safe in the university space. This includes the right to have a stay-away order against their assailant issued and enforced by the university and the right to make alternative living and/or class section arrangements if they feel unsafe.
  • The right to be protected from retaliation. If the survivor fears retaliation from their assailant, the university is responsible for protecting the survivor from harm. Additionally, the university is prohibited from retaliating against survivors, which includes pressuring them to take time off from or leave the university as a result of the assault.
  • The right to resources. The university has an obligation to make sure all survivors are aware of the resources available to help them, which include counseling and medical services.

If anyone would like to learn more about Title IX and/or request a workshop for their organization, please contact CalSERVE Campus Mobilizing at calserve.campusmobilizing@gmail.com.

[1] Know Your IX Campaign Website, knowyourix.org/about-ky9/


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