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Since 1984, CalSERVE has been committed to making a positive impact on the UC Berkeley campus, the community, and the world. Although there is no way to compile the hundreds of accomplishments CalSERVE leaders have achieved over the last 30 years, below is a small sample.

CalSERVE Accomplishments in the ASUC, 2013-Present

CalSERVE won three out of four partisan ASUC executive seats in the 2013 ASUC elections, marking the first time since 2009 it held a majority of executive seats. Since this “comeback” (as many termed it), CalSERVE has made remarkable changes to the ASUC and the campus. 

  • Authored more Senate bills than any other party in the 2013-14 legislative session (and in the lead for the 2014-15 session!)
  • Secured more grant money through the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Services and Fees grant program than any other party (over $350,000 between 2013-2015!). We even secured more money than any campus department that applied, meaning that more student money remained in student control! 
  • Removed partisanship from the ASUC funding process, allowing organizations to apply for funding through an open application rather than through sponsorship from a Senator
  • Created the Student Space Reservation Fund to provide funding for student organizations to reserve costly event spaces on and near campus, including Alumni House and International House
  • Established and/or implemented scholarships for undocumented students, student parents, and for students of all income levels to pay for textbooks
  • Created the Wheeler Late Night Program, creating late night study space capacity for hundreds more students nightly
  • Initiated negotiations with BART Board Director Rebecca Saltzman about securing a BART discount for students
  • Developed a stronger pipeline for students to connect with opportunities to serve on Berkeley city commissions
  • Secured over $100,000 for ADA upgrades for Anna Head Alumnae Hall
  • Started livestreaming and archiving of Senate meetings on YouTube
  • Created the ASUC Central Drive, a central source for student to find up-to-the-second versions of Senate bills, agendas, minutes, and governing documents. 
  • Spearheaded complete overhaul of ASUC governing documents to increase accountability and efficiency
  • Launched full rebranding of ASUC to create a clear brand identity for students and campus leaders, including beautiful new logos
  • Created a Campus Sustainability Master Plan that sets a vision for sustainability that goes beyond “Zero Waste” to encompass environmental justice and food security
  • Saved Cal Lodge from financial disaster and created a long-term plan to make it a profitable space for student organizations and alumni to use
  • Condemned cultural appropriation and created an agenda for inclusivity education
  • Worked with Academic Senate to put Campus Wellness Resources on bCourses and course syllabi in numerous departments
  • Participated in the development of a six-year plan to end hunger and malnutrition at UC Berkeley, and secured official ASUC support through a bill by Senator Dejen and AAVP Chou
  • Organized more lobby visits to Sacramento in one year than the previous two Student Action EAVP’s combined
  • Created the Cal Consent Campaign and institutionalized the Sexual Assault Commission as an ASUC program
  • Secured $10,000 for the ASUC and Mental Health Coalition to run a professionally-designed survey on student mental health
  • Increased visibility and utilization of the Cooperative Opportunity Fund
  • Oversaw and supported the expansion of the LEAD Center and Event Services, which support student organizations
  • Developed a bill in support of structural reform to tenure and salary-setting practices to increase faculty diversity at Cal
  • Launched two new grants: the ADA Accessibility Fund and the Educational Equity & Excellence Fund
  • Created the ASUC Wiki to help students learn about and better navigate our student government
  • Mobilized students to pressure city leaders to increase the minimum wage in Berkeley
  • Introduced the position of ASUC Controller General (now Chief Accountability Officer) to make the ASUC more transparent and hold ASUC officials accountable
  • Founded the “Half of Us Campaign”, working to destigmatize mental health and improve University mental health services
  • Created semesterly “Wellness Week” programming to bring attention to the importance of practicing wellness before Finals Week
  • Secured funding to provide Mental Health First Aid training to student organization leaders
  • Lowered healthcare fees for low-income students on SHIP
  • Organized “Fireside Chats” with Chancellor Dirks, which is now a monthly tradition
  • Co-Sponsored the 2014 Night of Cultural Resistance, which brought Talib Kweli and Blue Scholars to campus
  • Engaged hundreds of students in UC advocacy through UC Student Association Congress and Students of Color Conference
  • Institutionalized a “Student Organization Services” department in EVP to be a lifeline for student organizations
  • Streamlined the Spring Budget and Space Allocation processes
  • Organized the largest Spring Admit Welcome Week in ASUC history

Accomplishments 2005-2013

  • Increased Financial Aid for International Students
  • Registered Over 10,000 Students to Vote in the 2008 Presidential Election
  • Implemented Disability Awareness Week
  • Elected First Openly-Undocumented Students to the ASUC
  • Doubled Grant Applications
  • Elected two of the first openly queer senate candidates (1987 & 1988)
  • Secured a $210 million campus commitment from the University for Lower Sproul Redevelopment
  • Led Joint Campus and City Project by Conducting Safety Walkthroughs
  • Created the First ASUC Berkeley Student Cooperative Affairs Officer position
  • Increased Resources to Potential and Current International Students
  • Actively Engaged Students in Get Out The Vote (GOTV)
  • Created Berkeley SafeRenting
  • Divested 3.5 million dollars from Bank of America to be moved to a more financially responsible institution 
  • Only Organization on Campus to Lead Yes on Prop 30 Campaign in 2012
  • Protecting Student Interests in New Lower Sproul (meditation space, student-controlled office space, larger space for ASUC)
  • Worked to Ban Plastic Bags in Berkeley
  • Created ASUC Deficit Task Force
  • Created the 6000 in Solidarity Campaign, the first major campaign to bring attention to sexual assault at Berkeley
  • ASUC Textbook Scholarship
  • Extended Business Hours on Telegraph, increasing entertainment opportunities and safety
  • Created the Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC)
  • Coordinated State-Wide Count Me in! Campaign
  • Created Cooperative Fund in Collaboration with the Co-op Senator
  • Helped form the Pilipino Community Council
  • Established the first Vote Latino RAZA Coalition
  • Created Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Transfer, Re-entry, Student Parents, & Student Veterans (now Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Work and Family)
  • Helped Secure Office Space for Bridges Multicultural Center in New Lower Sproul
  • Expanded Eligibility Requirements of the RISE Scholarship for AB 540 and Undocumented Students
  • Created the 1st Campus-Wide Queer Newsletter, distributed in the Daily Cal in March 2013
  • Developing & Implementing Inclusivity Training
  • Mandated Appointment of a Student bridges Board Member to the Academic Senate Committee on Admission, Enrollment, and Preperatory Education
  • Spearheaded Transfer Student & Queer Town Halls
  •  Passed the Queer Advocacy Agenda
  • A Bill in Support of Gender Neutral Restrooms
  • A Bill in Support of Trans* Students at UC Berkeley
  • A Bill A Bill in Support of LGBTQ Inclusivity Education for Faculty, Staff, and Administration at UC Berkeley
  • A Bill in Support of Gender Inclusive Spaces in the Recreational Sports Facility
  • A Bill in Support of Stipends to LGBTQ/Queer Campus Organizers
  • A Bill in Support of Gender Inclusive Overnight Programs
  • A Bill in Support of Inclusivity Education for Incoming Students
  • A Bill in Support of Inclusivity within UC Berkeley’s Greek Life
  • A Bill in Support of Queer and Trans* Inclusive Materials at Cal Student Orientation Sessions
  • A Bill in Support of the Visibility and Recruitment of Queer Students in the UC System
  • Passed a Bill for Divestment from Fossil Fuels
  • Passed a Bill in Collaboration with the Black Student Union Recognizing the History of Lynching
  • Passed a Bill of No Confidence in the University’s Handling of Sexual Assault (SB130)
  • Passed Bill Requiring ASUC Execs to Deliver Written Reports
  • Passed a Bill to Improve UC SHIP
  • Passed a Bill Opposing Discriminatory Practices of the Salvation Army
  • Passed Bills in Support of both Black History Month & National Women’s History Month
  • Passed a Bill for Divesting Funds from Conflict Mineral Resources
  • Passed Bill Opposing the Sit-Lie Ordinance in Berkeley

For more information about CalSERVE’s historical accomplishments, check out the CalSERVE history page.