CalSERVE Voter Pledge & Awareness Drive Successful

CalSERVE’s campaign in collaboration with the Greenlining Institute to raise awareness about the 2012 ballot and encourage students to commit to voting yes on Proposition 30 and a small slate of other ballot measures was a resounding success. Our volunteers and staffers contacted anywhere from 4000-6000 students and received pledges to vote from 2000. Hundreds of voter guides provided by the Greenlining Institute and Student Regent Jonathan Stein were distributed on campus, and hundreds of phone calls were made and emails sent to remind students to vote on November 6th, or to mail their ballots in early. Driven by the hard work of CalSERVE Campus Mobilizing Coordinators Devonte Jackson and Austin Pritzkat, the pledge drive raised CalSERVE’s visibility as a progressive multicultural coalition on campus and engaged students in the electoral process in a critical year for progressive politics. Partly as a result of record-high young voter turnout, estimated by some to be 28% of the electorate, Democrats won a supermajority in the legislature, President Obama was reelected, and Proposition 30 passed by an 8-point margin.

CalSERVE is proud our of campus mobilizers and proud to stand on the progressive side of history.

Read our press release about the pledge campaign below:

CalSERVE Voter Awareness Drive & Pledge Campaign Successful [Press Release]

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